If your dream is to nurture your community utilizing amazing cullinary skills than "Future Bakers of America" may fulfull your dream and give you a head start on a rewarding and unique career.

Over 34,300, 000 people in the United States alone suffer from the an either a sensativity or intollerance to gluten.  We fit in where the average bakery can not meet these needs. Our facility is a dedicated Gluten Free facility and other allergies are highly regulated for safety such as Nuts & Dairy. We even have special programs that teach low carb, paleo, sugar free baking and cooking for those today with special needs. We are all different people and our dietary needs are often just as unique. Our passion is to teach the youth of today how to cook and bake healthy for not only themselves but for the future families that they will raise. We want to make learning fun and for it to become effortless in their thoughts as a way of life.

A Message from Lavell:

My Mother, was a home baker and chocolatier. She worked from a basement kitchen and had customers who were doctors, nurses and professionals as well as many regulars from all walks of life. I was diagnose with Celiac Disease in 2014 and thus my journey in culinary technique changed from conventional to "Gluten and Grain Free". I'm grateful that I had learned a lot about baking and even though today my recipes call for different ingredients because I bake Gluten Free, the prinicipals and skills are still in my mind and in the many hundreds of recipes and decorating ideas she left behind for me to use in my own life. I use many of the basci techniques to re-write some of her best recipes so that they are now Gluten Free, Grain Free, Low Carb and Keto friendly. 

In honor or her life as a beautiful, talented Mother and Baker...I believe she would rejoice in my desire to pass on my knowledge as my knowledge began as her knowledge and to help our youth to become great bakers and entrepreneurs who enjoy and share the culinary talents.

Learn the art of building an Alternative recipe, how to save a failed recipe..(when possilbe), how to convert a recipe, how to market your recipes and create them for public sales. How to package your recipes and how to determine Nutritional value and costs to create your products.

We students will become entrepreneurs and skilled bakers of Alternative Baked products and a select number of them will become teachers themselves so they can help others achieve their dreams.

We will offer classes for all ages. We teach the art of Alternative Baking and Cooking and offer instructions regarding the importance of state food safety regulations and sales  and the value of compliance. 

Skyvell Future Baker's and Culinary Artists will earn certificates of completion and be offered special privileges to participate in community events to showcase their delicious and nutritious baked goods as well and how to service their community.

Montana has been a personal chef for the Tennessee Titans, the cheerleaders and the press and the  Millionare Suites where only the best of the best meals were prepared and served. He was also a Cru-de-te chef and specializes in the gourmet preparation of meats and meat dishes.

A Message from Montana:

One out of 3 families are raising children in a household with just one parent

who may working extensive hours just to pay the bills and provide food for their families.

*Please Donate Any Amount to Support Our Programs so a Young Members of the

community who's parents may not be able to afford for them to take a class will be 

able to attend our wonderful programs where they will learn skills for a lifetime thanks to your

generous donation. No matter how large or small, every donation is very much appreciated as without your donations, none of these programs would be possible.

"It takes a Village to raise and Child" and your donations will help to raise a young  person with skills they might not otherwise learn without your help. 

Thank you in advance for your consideration. Your name will be indicated on our Donors

Page if you indicate in an email to us that you give us your permission to list your name.

May your blessings of generosity be returned to you ten fold!!

*We offer baked gifts of gratis with each donation. See the next page to make a dontation

and choose a special Gluten Free gift as gratis to support our mission.

Thank you in advance and enjoy your baked gluten free goodies!! We offer our baked goods

only to Wisconsin residents as dictated by Wisconsin Food Cottage Law.



  in the Communities we Serve - We are a "Regeneration Nation" and Our goal is to teach healthier   cuisine and bring awareness for Celiac Disease testing for  everyone who may go undiagnosed and          has the potential to suffer more than 280 disease as a result of this often undiagnosed and    sometimes silent disease. Side affects of undiagnosed Celiac Disease may include sypmtoms of fibromyalgia, MS, Infertility, Osteoporosis, Degenerative Disk disease, Depression, Mental Illness and as stated about over 280 diseases linked to Celiac Disease and Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivity.  

            "My Sincere Hope and Mission Regarding This Program is to Bring Awareness to

                  Celiac Disease, Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivities and Testing for infants from 

                      to Seniors with an emphasis on "Infant Genetic Testing" and how every

                             infant has the right and "should be tested so they don't have to 

                                  suffer for years without the information necessary for their

                               fagile lives to flourish so they can become everything possible

                                                            that wish to be and in good health.